Our Events

This year marks our 17th Annual Christmas Day luncheon at Mezzo!

We are proud to say we have served over 2,000 hot meals over

the years right here in our

own dining room on Christmas Day. 

Supporting our local community...

Mezzo is offering a free luncheon on

December 25th to those who
are homeless or alone for the holidays. 

We are looking for new/used books, toys, scarves,

gloves and hats so our 
guests can leave here with a Christmas gift. 

As we don’t know exact ages, we ask that

nothing is wrapped so our guests can choose a few

items to take with them as they leave.

You can drop off donations anytime

directly at Mezzo...

We could not have done it without generous

contributions from our customers. 

Thank you for your support!

** Please spread the word **